What will BUTTERKRĒM offer?

BUTTERKRĒM offers spirit-infused, bite-sized desserts for weddings and events. Most of our menu highlights cocktails cupcakes and macaroons, but we’re often able to cater to other desserts of your liking. 

Are all BUTTERKRĒM desserts made with alcohol?

Turning cocktails into cupcakes is our jam! But if you’d prefer to keep the spirits to the side, we’re happy to accommodate special dietary requests (like leaving out the alcohol) and love creating custom flavors for our customers. You do not need to be 21 to consume BUTTERKRĒM desserts as the spirits are reduced during the baking process.

Will BUTTERKRĒM desserts get you tipsy?

While cooking with spirits adds another dimension of flavor, you will not experience any of the effects of drinking alcohol. The spirits become reduced during the baking process so our desserts have only trace amounts of alcohol. They do, however, pair marvelously with a glass of champagne or your cocktail of choice!

How can I book BUTTERKRĒM for an event?

We’ll begin taking bookings for 2022 weddings and events this summer. If you’re interested in booking BUTTERKRĒM for a pop-up dessert bar at your business or shop, please contact us here.

Will you offer cupcakes and desserts a la carte?

Our menu was created specifically with events and weddings in mind so all orders will require a minimum order size -- and come with a private tasting!

What types of events can I book BUTTERKRĒM for?

We love creating dessert bars for weddings and large events, but BUTTERKRĒM desserts are also perfect for anniversaries, milestone celebrations, birthdays, retreats, and more.

I’m a local business owner. How can we collaborate?

Yes, please! I love working with local products (especially of the beverage kind) and collaborating with my Montana community. If you’re interested in working together this summer or fall, contact lauryn@butterkrem.com.